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USTC 999  
A very high density, fine grain size, 99.9% pure body. This body has superior wear resistance, high strength, chemical inertness and optical surface finish capability. It is particularly well suited for high abrasive or corrosive applications where precision structures with extended life characteristics are used.
USTC 998   
A fine grain, high density, 99.8% ceramic body with exceptional wear, corrosion and high mechanical strength properties. A lower cost alternative to our 99.9% alumina body for use in many applications.
USTC 995 
A medium grain size 99.5% pure body, easier to grind and polish. Well suited for insulator, metallized and microwave applications
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USTC 980  
A general purpose 98.0% ceramic body of good durability and electrical resistivity. Relatively easy to grind and generally used for metallization.


US Technical Ceramics, Inc., a California corporation located in the heart of Silicon Valley is a leader of Alumina structural ceramics. Our facility is equipped with a modern plant to produce components from our own formulated powder compositions to finished parts in an expeditious manner.

State-of-the-Art equipment allows us to produce finished components up to 27 inches in diameter. US Technical Ceramics' extensive experience enables us to produce

high quality Aluminum Oxide ceramic materials that meet today's ever widening range of applications for diversified industries such as semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, nuclear and biochemical.




US Technical Ceramic was establish in 1986 by

Walt Carbonell and Joe Escobedo. Company originated

from CrystallineContours and was further evolved into US Technical in 1993. Since its origins USTC has been predominantly involved in the ceramic industry. Our high

purity custom ceramics and strategic manufacturing has

lead USTC to be at the top of the ceramic industry.

Since its origins USTC has been able to create many opportunities for employment throughout the area.

We have always promoted family values that have

facilitated the transitions of roles within our employees.


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 please call: 408-779-0303 or fill out the following form

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Head Office

15400 Concord Circle

Morgan Hill, Ca 95037



Fax: 1-408-779-7074



To apply for a job with US Technical Ceramics, Inc., please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 408-779-0303
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