Spray Dryer

Optimized powder properties like flowability, particle size, particle size distribution and moisture content are achieved through spray drying rehologically controlled slurry.


Scientifically designed firing cycles to achieve optimal sintering densities for various compositions in production.


Exceptional capability to fabricate parts from simple designs to ones with intricate geometrical shapes and surface finishes both from green and hard machining.

Iso-static Pressing

Highest uniform green densities are obtained by iso-pressing technique on stock materials ranging from 0.25 to 27 inches in diameter ready for green machining process.

Clean Room

Environmental friendly ultrasonic equipment and processes are used to clean all parts before packaging and shipping.

Ceramic Laboratory

Complete analytical process controls monitored and maintained in powder preparation of various compositions and consistencies are observed from batch to batch in production. Additionally, an on going research and development on new projects is carried out in this laboratory.